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The 2015-16 members of the Orlando Regional Executive Advisory Board, to whom we are very grateful, are: Dr. Bishop Dean of Engineering College of Engineering University of South Florida Dr.

Cammy Abernathy Dean College of Engineering University of Florida Ms. Ivan Aron General Manager Central Florida Siemens Industry, Inc. Michael Georgiopoulos Dean College of Engineering & Computer Science University of Central Florida Mr. Erik Sander Executive Director Florida Engineering Experiment Station University of Florida Mr. Beverly Seay Executive Director Nebraska Applied Research Institute University of Nebraska The Florida Robotics Education Foundation (FFREF) is a 501(C)3, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the education of Florida’s youth by motivating and inspiring young people to have an appreciation of science, technology, robotics, mathematics and engineering and to pursue career opportunities in these fields, for the benefit of the technology and scientific community.

Greg Hale VP Chief Safety Officer Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Mr. Maj Mirmirani Dean College of Engineering Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Mr. The Foundation supports Florida’s economic development by encouraging and promoting participation in science, technology, robotics, mathematics and engineering for the benefit of Florida’s technology and scientific community.

Shawn Quinn Director of Engineering NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Dr. Design accessible, innovative mentor-based programs to help young people build science, engineering, robotics and technology skills, inspire innovation, and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication and leadership. Chairs Jennifer Urbauer-Parsons, Wendy Austin Alumni Program Barry Bonsack, Derek Haas, Mike Geldcort Ambassador Program Wendy Austin, Bethany Mc Cabe, Courtney Roberts Outreach VIP Reception Wayne Weinberg Thurs.

Kathleen Harer, Chair De Ann Davila, Vice Chair Laurel Lichtenberger, Treasurer Jessie Poen, Secretary Michelle Hawley Sarah Plemmons Wayne Weinberg Central Florida Regional Director – Wendy Austin Chair Kathleen Harer Competition Chair Sarah Plemmons Competition Co-Chair Jonell Gregor Volunteer Coord. Workshops Michelle Hawley, Robert Cobaich, Daniel Fischman Other Organizations Bob Simmons, Kathleen Harer Robo Show Andrew Rudolph Robo Vision Phu Nguyen, Dan Swando Internships Wendy Austin Communications PR Tommy Wright Social Media Jonell Gregor, Brendan Radabaugh, Jessie Poen, Website Jessie Poen, Jonell Gregor, Jo Ann Michalsky Fundraising Chair Chris Fairey Fundraising Vice Chair Andrea Wesser-Brawner Major Donors Chris Fairey, Erik Halleus, Wayne Weinberg Other Fundraising Laurel Lichtenberger, Jessie Poen, Wendy Austin, Keith Brawner, Ryan Leitch Database Mgr.

Players have been exploring Los Santos for nearly two years, but Rockstar continues to add new content to keep the experience fresh.

Free packs of weapons, clothing and vehicles for GTA Online are the norm, but there’s a rumour going around that much more might be unlocked later this week.

You Tuber Mr Boss FTW did some sleuthing to find out a historical connection to this week’s Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 DLC package.

With a focus on prosperous lifestyles built on illegal activities, that content drop prompted many fans to wonder whether the Los Santos casino might be about to re-open its doors once again.

Launched back in 2013, it’s been closed with an ‘opening soon’ banner placed outside since that time.

Players have often wondered whether it would ever make good on that promise, with some speculation asserting that it might be one of the locations used in the title’s often-rumored story DLC.

However, given that there’s no confirmation that such an expansion is even in development, other fans came to the conclusion that the casino might be opened as part of a smaller portion of DLC, much like how the game’s prison came to be utilized in the recently launched Heists.