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Designed specifically for enterprise clients, the Connected Archive is offered for multi-tenant or single-tenant deployment.

Enterprise Cloud satisfies the need for a high degree of configurability and control.

Private Cloud provides full data isolation and dedicated resources.

Designed with the same next generation technologies powering Netflix, Amazon and Google, the archive's infrastructure can be scaled to support millions of documents.

The Connected Archive is deployed in a highly secure instance within the cloud.

Features include: The Connected Archive is integrated seamlessly with Connected Capture, with connectors to 80 communication channels across email, IM & collaboration, social, mobile & voice, as well as Connected Apps (including Supervision and Discovery) to meet specific business challenges.

In addition to Smarsh product integrations, Connected Archive Enterprise Cloud fits seamlessly into your current and future infrastructure, applications and processes.

It comes equipped with full APIs (including SDK and access to developer resources) to power downstream workloads and supports easy integration of custom and third-party content into the archive.

All archived content gets ingested enriched with metadata to enhance downstream applications.

The Connected Archive preserves all communications content and metadata in its native format, direct from the source.

Highlights include complete playback of rich, dynamic conversational context and full transcripts of conversational events (e.g. Connected Archive users can enforce highly customizable policies across users, groups, networks and other data points to govern the usage of electronic communications.

The archive also supports the ability to create and manage geographic policies to meet residency and locality requirements as well as automated disposition upon policy expiration.