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Online casinos pride themselves on offering the best games, and those that have access to blockbuster titles can usually command bigger audiences.

Some players look for the games they enjoy, and similar titles, when choosing a casino to spend their time at only, so there’s a premium on securing the best games.

Of course, it’s not just about game popularity either – the gaming experience is another key feature that really matters, and one of the few distinguishing factors between the good and the great of online and mobile casinos.

Third party software is the name of the game in online gambling, and one of the best established developers of these games is Microgaming.

Based in the Isle of Man, the company has a long track record in the online gaming industry, from its humble origins, to the giddy heights of today, where online gambling stands as a truly multi-billion dollar industry.

But what is Microgaming software all about, and how did this once small games developer grow into one of the biggest providers of online slots and casino games in the world?

Microgaming lays claim to the world’s first online casino which it launched back in 1994.

While it’s difficult to verify the claim, it’s not frequently contested – as such, Microgaming can be considered to be the grandfather of the online casino gaming sector, and one of the real pioneers that have helped shape the industry as we know it today.

Microgaming decided early on in their life that rather than focus on the complex task of creating games and running an online casino, they would specialise.

Anticipating the growth of casino operators around about them, Microgaming spotted this gap in the market to produce high quality games, which it would subsequently license to other providers.

In doing so, they made a decision that has made them a fundamental and indispensable player in the world of online gambling.

Aside from developing award winning games, Microgaming was also a founding member of e COGRA, a gambling industry authority that provides trust marks to casino operators, and goes some way towards ensuring fair play.