king stones

The inhabitants of the little town of Naumburg, near the border of the Waldeck District, built a church for the praise of God and and the salvation of their souls, for there was not yet one at that place.

The devil, from a vantage point on a mountain near Züschen watched angrily as the pious work progressed from day to day.

Finally he could no longer contain his anger; he picked up a huge stone, wanting to throw it at Naumburg.

However, it got caught on his sleeve and fell into a field between Züschen and Naumburg.

The Evil One went there, sat down on the stone, and wept bloody tears because of his failed throw.

The stone is still there, and is known by the name Riesenstein (Giant's Stone).

You can still see where the devil sat and the three red stains which are said to have come from his bloody tears.

Stolzenhagen Field is under the jurisdiction of Müllenbeck in Mittelmark and is not far at all from Lake Wandelitz.

In this field there is an enormous stone which extends several feet beneath the earth and which has the imprint on its top of a very large and powerful man's hand.

The five fingers can still be recognized clearly and distinctly.

The people of Wandelitz relate that in ancient times this stone lay on the other side of Lake Wandelitz.

An enormous giant lived there, and in order to prove his strength he picked up the stone, pressed his five fingers into it -- leaving their imprint -- and then threw it across the lake.