казино астория алматы

After changes from 2007, and introduction of new gambling law, the number of legal casinos in Kazakhstan decreased drastically.

It was the result of introducing only two zones, where gambling is legal - Kapchagay and Schuchinsk.

Kapchagay, located close to Almaty, offers gambling lovers entertainments and much emotion in luxurious Astoria Casino.

Location Kapchagay is a small city located in southwestern part of Kazakhstan, in Almaty region by water reservoir formed on the river Ili.

Casino is situated in the city center right by Bekmakhanov Street which lead to Almaty - city located 70 km south, where the closest and at the same time the largest airport is located.

From casino Astoria to train station there is about 4km distance, to bus station 1,5km instead. In order to visit Astoria Casino one needs to take an airplane to a city located 70 km away - Almaty.

The Almaty International Airport is the largest airport in Kazakhstan.

From the airport one can reach city center by bus or by taxi.

To get to Kapchagay, a city where Astoria Casino is located, one can get by bus, the tour lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes.

One can also use special cars (business class and premium class) which shuttle on route Almaty-Kapchagay-Almaty, and take hotel guests to their destination.

Cost of round-trip flights to Almaty from different cities: Nearby hotels Kapchagay unfortunately does not have vast choice when it comes to lodging.

There are only few hotels, which can be taken into consideration when planning arrival to Astoria Casino.