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Broken Lives Wise and Unwise Helpfulness IN, but Not OF the World We are All Builders On Keeping Quiet The Touch of Christ!

Things That Endure The By-paths of the Bible The Cost of Reaching the Best On Doing Our Best When Kindness is Unkind The Interweaving of the Days The Young Christian!

Doing, and Not Doubting No True Work Is Vain Be a Blessing Just for Today Making a Living and Making a Life Our Lives, Words of God The Lesson of Contentment Two Ways The Duty of Being Always Strong Strength for a New Year More than Food Learning Contentment The Sin of Drifting My Fellow-Laborers The Value and Responsibility of One Life The Folly of Drifting into Marriage How Not to Show Sympathy Choosing Our Friends How to Read the Bible The Entanglements of Love Learning the Lessons of Love at Home Is Worrying a Christian Duty?

On the Footpath to Success Causes of Failure Sticking to One's Calling Putting Away Childish Things Remember the Way Preparation for Death The Inner Life David's Joy over Forgiveness Our Unanswered Prayers The Beatitude for the Unsuccessful The Hidden Life People who Fail This Too, Shall Pass Away The Bible in Life Being Christians on Weekdays People Who Disappoint Us Reaching for the Mountain Splendors The Wedded Life Comfort Through Personal Helpfulness The Blessing of Quietness Life's Open Doors Religion in the Home Stretch Forth Your Hand!

By the Still Waters Living Victoriously Go Forward!

The Unrecognized Christ Coming to the End Shut In When We Are Laid Aside His Brother Also The Beauty of Kindness Does God Care?

The Mystery of Suffering The One Who Stands By Following and Fishing Be of Good Cheer!

How Jesus Comforts His Friends After Bereavement—What? He seemed so closely in touch with the best in heart and life. He was lovable and helpful; always true, always tender." "I doubt if there is a living minister in all the world who has done a greater work, or who is more internationally known, than Dr. In the ecclesiastical life, he is the marvel of the age. While others were attending banquets or sitting by their firesides — his tireless feet have been tramping the streets of the city calling upon the sick and like Paul carrying the gospel into many homes.

The Method of Grace You Will Not Mind the Roughness Why Does No One Ever See God? Of all the great ministers of the past, not one has wielded greater influence for good.

Faults and Ideals of Young Women Faults and Ideals of Young Men The Excellent Woman Glimpses of the Heavenly Life Uniting with the Church Speak Tenderly In Perfect Peace Face to Face with One's Own Life The Fragrance of the Ointment If Two of You Shall Agree The Master's Friendships Friendship with Christ What to Do with Our Unequal Chance Slow and Steady Advance is the Best The Rewards of Obedience The Path of Life The Living God The Fruits of Wisdom Do the Next Thing People as a 'Means of Grace' What to do with One's Life The Way to Victory The Death of the Young Is Victory Possible? The whole city should be thankful for the noble life of this wonderful man!

The Other Days What to Do with Our Unequal Chance Mistaken Ministering Some Lessons on Spiritual Growth Unhealthy Rush in Life The First Temptation The Story of Cain and Abel The Story of Enoch The Outcome of Lot's Choice The Secret of Living Victoriously! His writing style is delightfully smooth, his insights are spiritual diamonds on every page, and his pastoral applications are delivered with the skill of a well-seasoned physician of souls." (Pastor Bill Shishko) "His books are restful and soothing, full of quiet but fresh inspiration and cheery optimism. " Talmage The secret of Miller's life was summarized in five words that he loved to repeat again and again, "Jesus and I are friends!

Solomon's Sin Naaman the Leper Isaiah's Call to Service The Gracious Invitation Daniel's Principles Nebuchadnezzar's Dream Israel often Reproved Jonah Sent to Nineveh The Seed in the Four Kinds of Soil A Troubled Sea A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman True Blessedness Worldliness and Trust The Golden Rule False and True Discipleship Alone, Yet Not Alone An Interpreter for God WORRY Some Ways of Hiding the Light Light in the Darkness The Beloved Disciple The Sin of Lying Stephen the First Martyr Paul Before King Agrippa The New Life in Christ Paul's Counsel to the Thessalonians Paul's Charge to Timothy Christian Service Lay Work The Way to Rise to a Better Job Winning Church Membership How the Church Helps Us The Best Business Chains of Gold The Author and the Finisher Forward and not Back To Discouraged Workers The Use of the Sabbath The Making of a Patriot To Those Who Ask The Blessing of Cheerfulness "If any 19th century American Christian writer warrants reprinting, it is J. They have comforted and encouraged countless thousands of readers." One friend paid this tribute to J. " This was the deepest passion of his life — to know and love Jesus Christ.