фрут бокс

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When visiting small local farmers in Portugal and Spain (sunny countries that produce tasty, wholesome fruit), I was shocked that most of the fruit was just left rotting on the ground.

After tasting some of the fruit I picked from the trees, I was shocked at how incredibly tasty it was.

That is when I started thinking of how I could save this fruit from just rotting, while at the same time helping small farmers....

We started with fruit as the core of what we do and now have branched out to be Australia’s leading workplace delivery service with daily deliveries of locally sourced fruit, milk, juices, spreads, yoghurts and more.

We believe a healthy workforce is a productive one.

So, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar when the munchies take hold, give your staff a healthier alternative. Get the freshest fruit or milk delivered to your workplace and get 50% off your first 2 weeks.

We source all our fruit and dairy products from local producers whenever possible.

We support our local farmers and use seasonal fruit fresh from the farm in order to support sustainable farming, as well as local agriculture here in Australia.