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Extreme Game Truck offers the ultimate video game party experience, and we bring it right to your doorstep. For more information on reserving a game truck party, please fill out our simple form or call 877-573-9873. stadium cup with the Extreme Game Truck logo, filled with 2 Extreme Game Truck pencils the kids can use in school, a silicon wristband debossed with Extreme Game Truck logo, and a ton of candy!

Party pricing is for 2 hours with the Extreme Game Truck, 100 games, and the game coach to ensure everyone is having a blast!

Arcades were once a fixture on the American urban landscape, and games were plentiful in rural cities too. This is a your chance to try those older games, or the newer games that you'd never put money into in an arcade.

The closest heir of today is the so-called "Family Entertainment Center", which is populated with a myriad of devices designed only to take your coins quickly and leave you with a pile of tickets, which you exchange for cheap, trashy toys. California Extreme was born with a desire to share fun coin op games that are in the hands of private collectors, and to hopefully spread the word that pinball machines were once plentiful, and that videogames were not synonymous with "martial arts" and violence. The show is a great place to bring games you want to sell, and also a good place to add to your collection, or even start it! There are also many games that never got produced, and are very hard to find.

Not all games will be for sale; many collectors bring games to show (or show off!

There are *HUNDREDS* of games, all set to play for free.

You can play from the moment you arrive until we shut off the power at closing -- Play as many games as you want, in whatever order you want to.

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But old standbys like Steal the Bacon and Chubby Bunny just aren’t gonna cut it with today’s youth. Here are 9 of our favorite extreme youth group games:1.) A good old-fashioned Western duel – Dust off your church’s set of Colt revolvers hanging above the baptistry and have a great time seeing who’s the fastest gunslinger in the West.2.) Dodgebus – Exactly what it sounds like.3.) Vape ring contest – Who can blow the best vape rings?

You need REAL EXTREME MOUNTAIN DEW-POWERED YOUTH GROUP GAMES BROUGHT TO YOU BY MOUNTAIN DEW CODE RED. What about seeing who can form Bible characters like Moses and Noah with their vapes?

Forget glory clouds—your youth room will be full of raspberry-scented vape smoke in no time.4.) Circumcise the Shechemites – this fun, wacky game is best played shirts v.