evolution game

In this energizing warm-up game, everyone starts as an Egg, squatting down on the floor with their arms wrapped around their legs to make an egg shape.

Everyone shuffles around until they encounter another Egg, at which point they play a game of rock-paper-scissors (it’s a good idea to establish a rock-paper-scissors format before the start of the game since many people play two ways: either rock-paper-scissors or rock-paper-scissors-go).

The winner evolves to a Chicken, while the loser stays an Egg and has to find another Egg to play.

The winner walks around, bent over and flapping their wings, until they meet another evolved Chicken.

Another game of rock-paper-scissors occurs between the two Chickens, and the winner evolves into a T-rex (makes sense, right? The T-Rex stands upright and stomps around roaring with their arms tucked to their chest until they fight another T-Rex.

The winner evolves into a Prince or a Princess (what?! Princes and Princesses walk around waving regally, and when they win a rock-paper-scissors battle they evolve to Kings and Queens.

Kings and Queens stand off to one side of the room, posing royally and beaming benevolently at the other players.

The game ends when there are no more battles to be fought: there will be one Egg, one Chicken, one Dinosaur, one Prince or Princess and everyone else will be a King or a Queen.

The first is an examination of how offensive football strategy has evolved over the past three decades in large part due to linebacker Lawrence Taylor's arrival in the 1980s and how this evolution has placed an increased importance on the role of the offensive left tackle.

Most quarterbacks are right-handed and in order to throw, they stand with their left shoulders facing down field.

Thus, they turn their backs to linebackers and other defenders pass rushing from the left side, creating a vulnerable "blind side" that the left tackle must protect.

Taylor's speed and power changed the role of outside linebacker to become a more attacking, aggressive position.