драйв казино промокод

PROJECTS: Fracture Analysis - ongoing History Likes Repeating Itself Double Erasure Film I brought back from Hungary SPECTACLE STUDIO WHO STOLE MY SUBLIME Fracture Analysis GONE/re DONE SISYPHUS THE DAY AFTER Crisis of the Visible CRISIS OF THE Invisible Crisis of the Free Spirit THE END OF SLEEP Institutional sunset APROPER ERASURE NO PLACE FOR […] TRACE WITH ME MID-CONVERSATIONAL MERGE Debated Utopia Awkward Beauty // resume blog contact The white walls of my studio are being slowly covered in paint.

I use a broom to reduce the aesthetics of painting to the aesthetics of labor.

This performance is later projected back on the walls illuminating the dark room with image of the white walls themselves until the gestures applied on them stroke by stroke reduce this light.

By the time all surfaces are covered, the room stands in darkness again.

Riverside Sun, located on the banks of the Vaal River, is just 45 minutes away from central Johannesburg.

Our hotel provides a country setting in Vanderbijlpark which is ideal for corporate getaways, teambuilding days and planning sessions.

Versatility, combined with professional conference facilities, ensure that the requirements of business guests are not only met, but exceeded.

The hotel is also popular with holidaymakers and leisure travellers, with amenities and leisure facilities that are relaxed and family-friendly.

Guests are presented with a choice of accommodation in a variety of configurations.

The hotel features 169 well-appointed rooms, each equipped with a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay in Vanderbijlpark.

The beautifully landscaped garden, with a sparkling outdoor pool and patio, is the ideal place to relax.

Dining at the Restaurant offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of a riverside oasis.