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True Odds are the real probability of rolling a specific combination.

The casinogenerally pays you less than true odds, which is how they make a profit.

But the Free Odds bets are paid at the actual true odds and thereforecarry no house edge — which is why you should put most of your craps money on the Free Odds bets. You also need an understanding of the dice and the odds andprobabilities of rolling the numbers.

In this article Bill Burton explains what True Odds are. In the movies you will see the players picking up the dice and rolling them togetherin both hands before letting them fly down the table as they scream, “Baby needsa new pair of shoes! This is fine in the movies but ina real casino you are only allowed to handle the dice with one hand.

Dice are actuallyprecision instruments manufactured to very strict specifications.

They are inspectedfor any flaws such as nicks or chips before being put in to play.

Rubbing them togetheror other rough handling can damage dice.

If the dice are thrown off the table theyhave to be checked before being put back into play.

The average life of a pair ofdice is only about eight hours, and then the casino replaces them to ensure thatthe game dice are fresh and fair. They’re cubes, about three quarters of an inch square. Each die has spots called “pips” totaling a number fromone to six on each side.

If you add the corresponding sides you will get the numberseven.

The side with six pips will have one pip on the opposite side.