crazy fruits 2

Ja Makin’ Me Crazy Mango Jam is a juicy jam with packed with mangos and raspberries.

The mango are tangy and tropical and the raspberries add a hint of sweetness.

It’s the perfect combination of lovely fruit and they combined to make a serene color.

The spices combined with mango add a tropical flavor.

Think Caribbean sunset with delicious island flavors!

Since I shared my recipe for the Jerk Chicken Bowl with California Fig Salsa (which included mangos) I wanted to continue sharing those same bright flavors and this jam came right to mind!

But let me tell you how this jam really came to be….

I’ve made mango jam several times, however this time I realized I was short and needed more fruit.

I wasn’t about to go to the store so I opened the fridge and realized I had some raspberries – perfect!

And then thought I’d spice it up with some interesting flavors and that’s how this jam was born.

The raspberries add just a bit of flavor, but really spike it with a pretty color.

The Caribbean spices; nutmeg, cinnamon & ginger and infuse the jam with the best of tropical flavors! Overripe fruit will not produce the best jam, underripe mangos aren’t juicy or sweet.