columbus casino game free

Have you ever rued the fact that the age of discoveries is over and there’s no place for adventure in the modern world?

If you want to become a real seafarer and sail the seven seas in pursue of riches and excitement, give the new Novomatic slot machine a spin.

This colorful and exciting online casino game is called Columbus and is based on the life and achievements of this great hero.

Hurry up to the docks and step on board of the legendary “Santa Maria” – it’s setting sail to the unknown shores today! Any history aficionado or adventure lover will no doubt be impressed with the design of this slot machine.

Sextants, compasses, ships and, of course, Columbus himself adorn the five reels of this machine.

While playing, you’ll be able to visit the distant lands without having to step up from your computer.

And since this video slot is produced by Novomatic software, you can enjoy hassle-free, smooth gameplay with charming sound effects and bright graphics.

If the jackpot is not what you’re after, you can play for free and enjoy the game without the adrenalin detracting from the fun.

Nothing beats up the dynamic gameplay and beautiful graphic of Columbus slot.

An inventive piece of art in the slot games industry, Columbus is taking you to old days, when explorers confront the dangers of the sea to find new lands.

Discover your new land of opportunity with this classic game piece and the three boats of success: Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Made public on 12 September 2002, Columbus game have been adopted fast as one of the most versatile slot from Novomatic.