club millionaires

Ya gotta start somewhere…wanna figure out how to become a millionaire?

If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a millionaire – and you actually want to DO SOMETHING about it – you’re in the right place!

Can you imagine how killer it would be logging into your accounts one day and seeing a cool million there?

I’ve been all about it the past couple years and there’s really nothing stopping me now. be *worth* $1 million by then (and I can’t predict future returns), but to be honest that’s not what it’s about for me.

I’ve got the desire, the patience, and more importantly the game plan! Check out my “millionaire to-do list” below and then create one for yourself. All I want is the ABILITY to retire happily with no concerns about money at all.

It doesn’t have to be much, just make sure it’s realistic so you’ll actually go through with it. And I’m pretty damn sure being a millionaire would cover that ;) [FYI: A cool, and free, place to track all your money is Personal Capital. checking the calculator every few years ;)] It has a ton of other cool features to help you grow your $$$ as well. Since being laid off in January and now being self-employed (woohoo!

Then review it every once in a while to remind yourself WHY you’re saving so much more than all all those crazies around you ;) After that, “The Automatic Millionaire” and “The Millionaire Next Door” are excellent books for this. You attach all your accounts similar to Mint, and it spits you out a nice “snapshot” of all your money/investments/etc. ) I have updated these numbers :) They’re not *as* sexy as before, but we’re still creeping up towards millionaire status as we go along!

And with our new Mortgage Payoff Plan in works, I’ll need a LOT less than $1Mil to be happy now…

Not to mention how much MORE I’ll have left over in 10 years once I’m 100% debt-free!! Gotta keep tweaking our plans as life goes on :) We’re back to hitting $1 Mil earlier again! That is what i want and when this boy reaches a billion it a wrap.

Two years of being self-employed now and so far so good :) Here’s an update on this club we just posted about: We’ve got our first millionaire member! i even have a way to get to it and it involves working very hard at something that i love.

Hope the rest of you are hustling just as hard too! I used the below link as a title: I got some REAL interesting adds come up on my side :)… I just started my blog 2 months ago, and it's about running, finding work and saving money. i think that is the first thing to making a billion(finding something that you would gladly do for free and people pay you to do it) Reply Okay, count me in.

I’ve started a Net Worth Tracker over at my other site, Rockstar for anyone interested in seeing a bunch of bloggers’ net worths all on one page :) Helps to inspire AND show you that we’re all at different phases of our lives… Good idea, great way to get people to focus on that goal!!! My first money/savings goal is to have $12,000 on my savings account by 2012 and then go from there. I am trying to save up a million to buy a particular business and I don't know if I'll still want it when I'm 40 something, but it doesn't hurt to try right?! Money, I’ve written my millionaire list and have linked back to your post here. I’ve copied the code as presented but it just comes up with a link that says “Million and then doesn’t link to anywhere.