bgo casino 20 free

This is a bold, brash, boisterous casino with a very visible marketing and a famous frontman.

He comes in the diminutive form of Verne Troyer, best known as Mini Me in the Austin Powers film series, who plays a character called ‘The Boss’ at BGO Casino.

The Boss is a truculent, indulgent chap with a beefy bodyguard and a lavish lifestyle.

He challenges players through his ‘Beat the Boss’ concept and appears all over BGO’s advertising promos.

That includes a lavish UK TV campaign and loads of different angles on the BGO site itself. Some people will love it, some people will run a mile.

But does BGO have depth beyond the flashy exterior?

As many of you will now The Boss, Verne Troyer past away on the 21st April 2018.

He was the face of BGO under The Boss casino campaign.

The BGO Boss is about as conspicuous a mascot as any online casino has employed.

He features heavily in all promotional campaigns, fronts his own section of the site and is generally the glue that binds the BGO brand.

The ‘Boss’s Promotions’ page is where you’ll find all the latest BGO treats, all laid out in a series of thumbnails featuring his impressive range of facial expressions.

This is an online casino that’s created a strong brand and isn’t shooting for a traditionalist audience. None of this is necessarily to the detriment of the site. Looking beyond the brash banners, there’s an orderly, well designed site at the heart of BGO Casino.