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Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9″ reunites with his Bad Meets Evil partner Eminem for a new video for “Caterpillar.” The song hails from Royce’s seventh album, Book of Ryan.

In the black-and-white, James Larese-directed clip, the rappers take turns on their fiery verses while the other remains stoic, taking in the boom-bap beat. The lyrics and video graphics imagery use a caterpillar vs. “Never let someone who’s not as smart as you/ Gas you up and tell you something you never knew,” Royce advises in his opening verse.

“Always stay professional/ You always gon’ make revenue/ Don’t let people next to you that don’t want what’s best for you.” Eminem comes out swinging on his verse.

“You’re looking at Atilla, the psychopathic killer, the caterpillar/ Don’t tell me when I’m supposed to rap until,” he spits.

“Especially when your favorite rapper ain’t even half as ill/A savage still.” Royce Da 5’9″‘s Book of Ryan drops on Friday via e One Music/Heaven Studios, Inc.

In March, the rapper and DJ Premier released PRhyme 2.

We've been using the Youtube API in our Android Application for about 3 months now, we removed alot of old video's the last couple of days and updated our MYSQL server where the video ID's are stored.

We made 60 video's add dynamically (using the MYSQL) in our main screen, and i've added about 6 video's 'hardcoded', so nothing should have gone wrong there. If I keep tapping the bottom right corner, where the link to the youtube web/app is, then it will load the video inside the normal youtube application. I had an issue earlier with the You Tube API, and the bug was introduced with a specific version of the You Tube app.

Suddenly all the video's won't play inside the application and give the error "There was a problem while playing, touch to retry". That is, the presence of the bug in my application depended on the installed version of You Tube.

If you go to , you can install another version of You Tube directly with an file downloaded from here, for example.

Install an earlier version of You Tube for a temporary solution.

You may want to raise an issue at the issue tracker for You Tube, and wait for the fix.