wm казино

As technological advances flood the market place, online gaming participants expect more out of their online payment solution.

Web Money casinos are quite able to deliver more than the average online banking options.

Web Money is an innovative payment solution and comprehensive money management tool all wrapped up into one.

Whatever functionality you are looking for in your online banking solutions, this payment option will likely be a strong option for you to consider.

This is a trusted UK casino deposit method, and is not available to USA players at this time.

American players can visit our section on USA casino payment options for more information on the US friendly alternatives.

Web-Money offers a user-friendly client interface to provide their customers with the tools necessary to manage their virtual purse.

Players have the option of utilizing WM Keeper Classic tool, a standalone application which can be downloaded and installed onto your PC. WM Keeper Light is a browser application that doesn't require installation of client software onto your PC as all operations are web based.

Telepat technology enables operation of an account via any mobile device or cell phone that supports Java.

To join Web-Money, you will need to select your preferred version of WM Keeper, register with the system, accept the Terms of Use and then receive our WMID, which is your unique identification number that will also serve as your account number when operating within the system.

WM also requires that your personal information be verified as part of the registration process.

Every user will need to apply for and receive a WM Passport - or digital certificate. Each e-currency has a dedicated electronic wallet, called a Purse.