win and spin

Our daily spin game allows you to play daily to win food vouchers that will be emailed to your account if you win. Vouchers can be used at either our Yeovil restaurant or our Dorchester restaurant.

Terms & conditions are emailed out if you win your voucher.

Virginia Lottery’s new Win A Spin scratcher game already has its first top prize winner, Sharon Settle!

Each of the eight contestants are guaranteed to win at least $100,000 and up to $500,000. Play Win A Spin on sale at your local lottery retailer!

Hundreds of thousands of members have won a range of great surprise rewards - from extra meals and drinks to retail rewards including salon treatments, gadget vouchers and kitchen accessories.

Plus, we've had lucky members win dream local and international holidays!

It came as a total shock to Kimberly when she won two international tickets.

"I couldn't believe it was real, so I went onto the Discovery Vitality website to check if it was legitimate or not," she says.

"I had heard that you could win overseas holidays or flights, but I wasn't aware of the details of the actual prizes." She thinks the flights are an amazing prize and wouldn't mind winning them again.

Kimberly has always loved exercising and generally exercises four or five times a week.

"Vitality Active Rewards has motivated me on those days where I feel super lazy and would normally skip exercising," she explains.

She feels motivated by her Vitality Active Rewards goals that keep increasing as she progresses.