wild spirit

"I hold the most archaic values on earth: the fertility of the soul; the magic of the animals; the power-vision in solitude; the love and ecstasy of the dance; the common work of the tribe." ~Gary Snyder Spirit Hollow’s mission is to educate, awaken, and empower individuals to embody their wholeness, and ripen into the fullness of their authentic selves and spiritual maturity.

Founded on the innate understanding that love is the most powerful force in the universe, we help people to cultivate active, intimate partnerships with the living earth and with one another and thus to be agents of change in the world.

Our offerings are rooted in core shamanism, spiritual ecology, the power of community and the deep belief in our mutual interdependence with all things.

Through hands-on, nature-based programs, individuals gain tools with which to navigate new terrain in these unprecedented times. We come year after year and we connect with nature and with one another and then go back out into the world and share what we receive, make it a better place, because it’s TIME!

These tools help us ground in the Earth, uplift in Spirit, while being centered and balanced in our daily lives. Mind expanding, soul enriching, community building, pure, glorious magick.

Individual Apprenticeships In Shamanic Healing and Transformational Soul Therapy with Tracey Forest and other Spirit Hollow teachers For those who cannot attend Seeing with the Heart, our ongoing group apprenticeship […] Spirit Hollow to me means community and sisterhood and brotherhood, love for the Earth and for one another. I have been utterly transformed through this apprenticeship and I’ve found a place where I can share my whole self, connect with others and through it all be truly embraced, encouraged, challenged and awakened.

Tracey and Robert are extraordinary teachers and Spirit Hollow is welcoming perfection.

Amazing, uplifting, inviting, and most of all spiritually connected.

Beautiful landscape and so warm…a simple “thank you” to all that you offer each and every person who is blessed enough to meet Tracey and just “be.” As a third year Seeing With the Heart student, my life has been transformed. This stuff is real and bless Spirit Hollow for spreading the magic all around and keeling the teachings alive.

The hands-on training and practical experience in core shamanism, divination and healing can lean one (who is ready) to new worlds and limitless possibilities. At the Hollow, we have shared our love of the power and beauty of the land and water; there, we have learned countless lessons about how to better care for each other and ourselves.

There are always rich new paths to find at Spirit Hollow and loving arms and outstretched hands of caring guides, teachers and friends to help you on your journey.

The Earth would be a better place if more people had the experiences that both my daughter and I have had there.