webmoney онлайн казино

Web Money, also frequently referred to as Web Money transfer, is an online payment platform that has been around for years.

It does not enjoy the popularity of services such as Skrill and Pay Pal, but it is still indisputably one of the best ways to make payments online, purchase goods online or deposit/withdraw money from your favorite online casino.

Web Money is an international settlement system aimed at primarily at web-based business activities. Currently, there are more than 28 million customers who have become its members.

The payment method provides its users with the opportunity to keep track on their funds, carry out safe transactions, as well as attract funding to their businesses or initiatives.

These options are offered to the customers under a standardized and easy-to-use interface that also allows them to easily manage their valuables.

Web Money’s platform guarantees complete safety and security to the customers’ accounts as no personal or bank account details are revealed to third parties.

Web Money casinos are not difficult to find, so as a player you should definitely take a closer look at Web Money’s qualities.

The base name of the service is Web Money, but their website is split into several different sections that offer unique services.

The one that you are looking for is the Web Money e Wallet – an online payment method that can be used to play at any Web Money casino.

The platform’s website is available in English, Russian and Spanish, and the registration is completely free, so hurry up and register your Web Money profile.

Basically, an opportunity to register any number of Web Money purses is provided to the system’s customers.

The system offers convenience to its users, whose purses are kept in a special section (“keeper”) assigned to the WMID registration number of the user.