webmoney casino

Web Money is a Russian money transfer service (among other things) and the company offers many of the financial services offered by Paypal.

It was founded in 1988 by WM Transfer Ltd and is headquartered in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Today Web Money claims a customer base of around 30 million users and in the online casino world is most widely known for its e-wallet service.

Web Money requires the user to have a Web Money account which you can create in no time at all through a painless process.

You may also acquire a WM Visa or WM Master Card debit card which you may tie to your Web Money account and use to make online payments. Alternatively, Web Money works through a ‘WM Purse’ which players would have to fund using a number of available methods and which they would use to deposit money into or withdraw money from online casino accounts.

Once you've created your Web Money account and selected the currency to tie to your purse (you may create multiple purses with different currencies attached to each) you would be required to select a password type out of four available.

The higher the level of your password type (verification level), the more benefits you may make use of (high level passwords require a fee to be paid).

The next step would require you to fund your purse as Web Money offers no credit services.

You may do this using a variety of methods including credit card, wire transfer, cash at WM agents and more.

Note that different methods of funding your purse come with different fees involved.

Once your WM Purse is funded, depositing funds via Web Money in an online casino account requires the same process as doing so with any other e-wallet service.

It’s quick and easy and doesn’t require the user to reveal any banking info to the casino.