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Since 1800 it is estimated that more than 400 species of animals and plants have become extinct in the UK.

There are many reasons for this, including loss and degradation of habitat and species becoming increasingly isolated from neighbouring populations. Several successful reintroduction programmes have brought species back to their native lands from other countries and this collection is a celebration of the successful reintroduction of various flora and fauna across the UK.

2018 (April 17 2018) Commemorative The wedding of HRH Prince Henry of Wales and Ms Meghan Markle.

The stamp images are taken from the official engagement photographs taken by Alexi Lubomirski at Frogmore House, Windsor, in December 2017.

The wedding took place in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

2018 (May 19 2018) Commemorative Hampton Court Palace is one of the best-known buildings in Britain and one of the grandest.

Ranked among the top British historic attractions for almost two centuries, the palace is inextricably linked to the Tudor king Henry VIII, one of England’s most famous monarchs.

2018 (July 31 2018) Commemorative Marking the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook setting sail in one of the greatest voyages of discovery of all time aboard HM Bark Endeavour - with nearly 100 men including astronomers, artists and scientists.

2018 (August 16 2018) Commemorative Marking the bicentenary of one of the most important venues in the UK’s performing history, where most of our greatest actors have played, The Old Vic has played an important part in the development of modern British theatre, with many great actors making their names on its influential stage.