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In terms of red-carpet dressing for men, the grey beard is a game-changer.

Grey stubble signifies that distinguished silver-fox thing – ground which José Mourinho and George Clooney keep a tight grasp on.

It can be tempting to declare it as a feminist commentary.

Men are considered distinguished and sophisticated with flecks of gray or a shield of silver.

George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, and John Slattery stand atop a pedestal of graying beautifully, aging into the dashing gentleman, the “silver fox.” But women cannot attain silver foxdom (vixen-dom? is most often used to describe attractive, older men, it can also be used to refer to older women.

Attractive older women, especially those who have refused to dye their naturally graying hair, are sometimes called is also the name of a Marvel Comics Universe character, a mutant from the X-Men series who can appear younger than she is and can hypnotize anyone she touches—both of which fit into the silver fox archetype.

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