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We are on your side and we would like to help all online players. And indeed - just by entering a casino, you are taking a risk. To minimize your loosings and to emphasize your winning chances, you need to be careful.

That's why we've prepared a lot of Slot&Casino advices.

These are all based on our long-year (decades) of experience at land and online casinos.

We've spent over a year just selecting online casinos we are recommending on this site.

That's why here you will not find 1.000 or more casinos, but only a selected number of well reputated, trusted casinos. You will put in some effort and money and you deserve good treatment and - most important - you deserve to cash out your winnings.

The percentage of non-paying casinos is scary high.

We've EXCLUDED all casinos with even a shade of doubt, bad review in any field or potential non-payment reputation.

For basic ratings we used up to 6 different grades from various casino platforms.

This way, the result is not biased or influenced by personal taste or experience of a single person or website's valuator. People ther often gathered in their houses to play various luck-based games. But casino also ment a building that is specifically built for pleasure.

We've also added Alexa Rating - it is an indicator of site's popularity. A LOT of No deposit free spins at registration: ▸Sweden, Finland and Norway: 450 Free Spins (15 Free Spins/Day for 30 days) ▸Other countries: 150 Free Spins (10 Free Spins/Day for 10 days)▸Finnland▸Norway▸Sweden▸other countries The origin and history of casinos and gambling is not known for sure. Throughout history, there are plenty of entertaining stories, basing on Ancient Greeks, The Romans, Elizabeth and Napoleon. Not only gambling, these kinds of buildings were utilized to host the civic town functions that included music, dancing and gambling.

But, there is a belief that gambling was present among the human society long ago, already in 2300 B. The term Casino is also relevant in German and Spanish and it refers to a mess.

The first well-known casino in the world was the Casino di Venezia, established in 1638.