ультра хот играть онлайн бесплатно

Looking for that slot machine ablaze with Vegas flair?

This game will not try to distract you with mini games and dozens of win lines, trying to make you risk your hard-earned winnings with risky extra bets.

Ultra Hot™ deluxe is all about pure, unadulterated slot fun, all about chasing the next big jackpot!

Ultra Hot™ deluxe keeps it old school through and through.

Three reels (only 3, where do you find old school slots nowadays?

) and only five win lines are all this slot need to keep you playing, and all you need to arrange your favorite win symbols on.

Make no mistake, it’s simplicity does not equal low payouts, Ultra Hot™ deluxe will shower you in jackpots just like the rest of our portfolio on Gaminator.

All win combinations require three symbols of a kind to appear along any currently active win line.

The first tier is the black X symbols, with a relatively low payout multiplier.

Next are the fruit symbols, all classic motives from the past, with oranges, lemons, plums and cherries all bringing the same amount of winnings.

Their multiplier is about eight times higher compared to the multiplier of the X symbols.

Keep in mind that you need the same type of fruit to appear in a row for the multiplier to trigger!