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If you're over the age of 30 we'll forgive you if you haven't heard of Twitch. TV, Twitch was originally a live streaming platform for video gamers (named after Twitch gameplay), and it quickly grew into a monster.

In 2014 it was the fourth largest source of traffic on the internet in the U. : https://clips.twitch.tv/Onerous Tolerant Vampire MVGame Okay, so this isn't strictly poker, but this is one of the funniest Twitch moments we've ever seen, courtesy of Poker Stars pro Lex Veldhuis.

S., and in November of that year, it opened its doors to poker. Twitch lets you watch people play poker live (with a short delay for security) while they provide analysis over the top.

Jason Somerville is the Twitch poker trailblazer, with an incredible 17,721,787 (and counting!

) total views on his Run It Up Channel, but other Team Poker Stars Pros like Bertrand "Elk Y" Grospellier and Lex Veldhuis are regulars too.

Watching Twitch is a great way to improve your game, and in the right hands, a Twitch stream is hugely entertaining, but the platform is also bringing new players into the game. v=Ke EPLza N4TUMike "Timex" Mc Donald might be one of the world's best players but can he escape when he's dealt Jacks vs.

Players that have grown up on top Twitch games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Hearthstone.

"Twitch is a great platform to get new people into the game and learn to play poker for free from some of the best pros in the game," said Team Poker Stars Pro Daniel Negreanu. With dozens of channels streaming 24/7, there have been plenty of epic poker moments on Twitch, but these are the five best. When a Man's Gotta Go Spin & Go tournaments give you the chance to win life-changing money in a matter of minutes, but what does it actually feel like to hit the jackpot? v=-Pvld16wc VAPoker Stars Online pros Celina Lin and Randy Lew prove that when you're streaming live, anything can happen.

Find out as Mikhail "innerpsy" Shalamov narrates the action after one lucky Poker Stars player finds himself playing live for a first-place prize of €250,000 on Twitch.

The player, who goes by the name "Solid Penis," runs the gamut of emotions - shock, disbelief and elation - before trying to compose himself by slapping himself round the face and pouring water on his head. v=Xwgrf PWSnd0People love huge scores on Twitch and they don't come much bigger than when Austrian player The Fan83 took down the Sunday Million for $122,000.2.

A few hands later it's all over, and the reaction from Solid Penis as he sees his balance jump to €250,330 is priceless. The epic Twitch moments that didn't quite make the cut1.

The social media streaming platform Twitch has long been a popular medium for poker pros to showcase their skills, and now online casino interests are looking to capitalize.