triple holdem

provides comprehensive title, insurance and closing services for clients throughout the New York area for the purchase of commercial and residential property and mortgage refinancing.

We work closely with attorneys, real estate agents and mortgage professionals to ensure that closings are done quickly and accurately, with no unnecessary delays or adjournments due to title issues.

With years of experience in the field, we have the expertise to help property buyers avoid financial loss due to title defects that can result from unsettled liens, clerical errors, misrepresentation, forgery or fraud.

Our hallmark is our exceptional customer service from an experienced staff whose personal approach, responsive follow-up, and meticulous attention to detail help make the closing process as streamlined and worry - free as possible.

Title insurance protects new home buyers from financial loss on property that might occur as a result of previous matters or defects in title due to liens, clerical errors, misrepresentation or fraud.

Typically, home buyers permit their attorney to order title insurance on their behalf at the time of purchase.

In addition, mortgage lenders require property buyers to obtain mortgagee title insurance up to the mortgage amount to ensure that the lender is protected as the property's sole lien holder.

Every game played in MECA Casino is guaranteed to be fair and transparent.

We achieve this promise through triple-layer, random number generation; a statistically impossible-to-fabricate result which is also verifiable via the MECA Chain blockchain.

MECA Casino offers players the highest level of casino game graphics and responsive play across their their devices.

Through a technical cooperation contract with partners, sports betting services will also soon be added to the platform.

MECA Casino operation is delegated to players when they purchase casino assets, thus becoming ‘Master’ nodes on the network.