the virtual casino

Review last updated – July 2017 The Virtual Casino – the namesake of the Virtual group – have substantial issue paying players in any reasonable time and as such generate a very large volume of complaints.

Due to their Not Recommended status we did not feel comfortable sending a review to any of the venues that previously made up the Virtual group.

The history of the various casino properties involved with the Virtual group is a long and negative one that focuses on a failure to pay players and where they did, payment taking excessive time.

The latter of these issues certainly persists today.

Our December 2013 update found that the Ace Revenue/GWages groups are now trying to atone for the issues of the past.

Before we would consider changing our stance on these casinos, the complaint volume would have to drop considerably and no further negative behaviour would have to take place in the next three years.

The Virtual Casino are not part of either of these groups.

Unfortunately, during 2016, a large number of slow payment issue again began to crop up across this group.

While the groups representatives have been very cooperative and the majority of issues do appear to get resolved, until such time as there is a significant drop off in these types of issues we can't justify changing the status of this group.

For references see Virtual Group Player Issues You can see the latest updates to The Virtual Casino's terms and conditions here.

The Virtual Casino Welcome bonus currently consists of a bonus of 800% on deposits up to $99.99, a bonus of 900% on deposits of $100 or more plus 100% cashback on losses.

The minimum deposit that will trigger the bonus is $20.