супер казино

Jackpots are available in select slots at Double Down Casino.

Super & Mega jackpots are an exciting chance at the biggest wins ever.

To play for the Super or Mega jackpot, simply place a qualifying bet.

Because the jackpots pay out so high (10,000,000, 100,000,000 chips, or even more! When you enter the slot, choose a line bet that allows you to spin for the ultimate win.

Make sure you also bet the maximum number of lines; no matter which line bet you have chosen, all paylines must be played to qualify for these jackpots.

When you play for the Mega Jackpot, your spins are also qualified for the Super Jackpot.

Before spinning, look at the banners displaying the jackpot types and amounts.

If either is grayed out and has a red X beside it, your spins do not qualify for that jackpot level.

When they are both full-color and have green check marks beside them, you could hit either jackpot with any spin! These jackpots are not dependent on the outcome on the slot reels below.

There is a separate visual indicator for the Super & Mega Jackpots outcome.

After each qualifying slot spin, the Jackpot spin will occur.

If 4 orange symbols hit, you will win the Super Jackpot!