стрип блэкджек

Vegas Strip Blackjack version is by far the most popular among all the classic Blackjacks.

It gets its name from the famous Las Vegas strip that houses some of the big names in casino.

Microgaming has the same high level of graphics and authenticity as seen in all other games.

Microgaming’s version of the blackjack uses 4 standard decks of 52 cards each.

It follows the same blackjack rules with maybe some variations in the doubling or splitting rules. In Vegas Strip Blackjack, the credit bet range is from 1 to 200 which is the standard for any of the blackjack games.

The same blackjack payout of 3:1 ratio and insurance payout of 2:1 ratio is applicable here too.

This is a hole card game which has the Dealer peek when an Ace or 10 value cards shows up.

The rules makes the Dealer always stand on all 17s, whether hard or soft.

Double Down is allowed for any two cards and it’s also allowed after you split the cards.

The splitting of Aces is allows only once and you receive only one additional card before being forced to stand.

Further the split aces that have a 10 valued card is not considered as blackjack, but merely a 21 hand.

Vegas Strip Blackjack never lets you down in either its gameplay or the action surrounding it.