стрим в казино онлайн

Casino streaming has been around for a long time, but it's only just recently that it has turned into big business for both online casinos and streamers alike.

Poker was and still is, the major gambling attraction on the streaming platforms, but slots are definitely on the rise.

Poker and slots are two very different animals of course, with Poker being a less stigmatised form of gambling whereas slots have a somewhat tainted reputation, regarded by some as a stupid form of gambling where players basically throw money at the machine and hope for the best.

At the time of writing, the Poker section on Twitch has close to a million followers, while the casino section (mainly slot streams) has around 80,000 followers.

While the Poker section has more than double the amount of followers it doesn't have that many more active viewers and the casino section is slowly catching up.

As we've talked about in an earlier article, Casino Twitcher was likely the one who made casino streaming a thing and is regarded as a bit of a legend within the casino streaming community.

He has since stopped streaming, disillusioned with the commercialisation of casino streaming, with no plans of a comeback.

Much has changed since the emergence of casino streaming, and Casino Twitcher does have a point regarding the commercialisation of the casino section.

As casinos are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of casino streaming and its influence on brand awareness, the number of casinos represented on the streaming platforms is ever increasing.

Twitch casino is a very different place today than a couple of years ago.

The most significant "intrusion" (as some purists regard it), was the recent acquisition of a streaming network, now owned in majority by Leo Vegas.

While most don't seem too bothered with the politics of casino streaming, other's worry about the growing influence of casinos on individual streamers, something they feel bring harm to the community and the credibility of casino streamers.