стратегия видео

For the quintessential working professional, a typical day looks something like this…You wake up to the alarm going off on your smartphone and since you have your phone open anyway, quickly check your emails.

While eating breakfast you scroll through your Facebook feed on your i Pad before heading to the office.

Once at work, you spend the day at your computer, carrying out online research, and sneaking the occasional peek at your Instagram account.

While taking your lunch break you spend a few minutes chatting with an old friend via Skype.

After making it back home at the end of the day, you spend a few minutes helping your daughter do research for her science project on your laptop – followed by a few hours of television to catch up on your favorite shows.

Finally, before going to bed you set your alarm and check your social media feeds.

Then you head off to bed, ready to start all over again tomorrow.

As you look over your daily routine, what’s the one overarching theme?

From your pocket to your car dashboard, to your bed, your day is filled with digital screens. Video is quickly becoming the number one way to connect with consumers, viewers, and followers.

Between the automatic video-playback on most social media mobile feeds, and the 2.08 billion global smartphone users in 2016, an effective video marketing strategy can provide one of the highest ROIs for any brand’s digital marketing strategy.

But establishing a video marketing strategy can sound intimidating – especially for a startup.

Sure video can make an impact when you invest $33 million into a commercial starring Nicole Kidman, like Chanel, but how do you develop a video strategy when your entire budget is about 0.01% theirs?