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You'll get six free in-game months and any progress you make in the demo can be carried forward after full purchase.

All 51 nations are playable, so the question is in which of the world's top 116 leagues do you begin your journey?

Meet Lea as she logs into an MMO of the distant future.

Follow her steps as she discovers a vast world, meets other players and overcomes all the challenges of the game.

Almost two years ago, Valve introduced the ability to request refunds on practically any Steam game within the first two hours of play.

Some developers worried about the impact this would have on the way games were designed and played on the service.

Today, though, at least one developer sees the Steam refund system as an easy way to provide a "free" demo for their PC releases.

Speaking to Aus Gamers recently, Arkane Studios Co-creative Director Raphael Colantonio explained that the absence of a demo for the PC edition of It's just a resource assignment thing.

We couldn't do a demo on both the console and on the PC, we had to choose. Steam players can just return the game [prior to playing] 2 hours so it's like a demo already.

It's an interesting admission and a recognition of the reality surrounding the way many people use Steam refunds these days.

While Steam says it reserves the right to block refunds from people who are "abusing the system," for the most part, refunds within that "two hours of play" window are approved without much hassle.

And digital storefronts like Microsoft's Xbox Live are following along.