старт слот

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When the first slot machines were computerized and video slots were born it opened endless possibilities for slot game creation and Slotomania took the best advantage of that opportunity.

The slots game was first introduced back in the 19th century.

In the beginning, the machine had a crude design and could only be found in local arcade shops.

What drew the crowds was the simplicity of the game itself.

It was designed purely as a game of luck: just sit before the machine, put in a token, and press the lever.

The standard machine had three spinning wheels with different pictures.

If all three wheels lined up with the same picture in the center, the player would win the jackpot!

There was no way to influence the outcome of the machine, because it was all designed to be a game of luck.

And then, a mere century later, came the Video Slot. Meaning, a completely different scenario was displayed during bonus rounds.