stars rewards что это

The amalgamation of Poker Stars and Full Tilt was essentially completed when Poker Stars eliminated the Supernova rewards program and replaced it with the new Stars Rewards program on both sites.

With this change, there is no longer any difference between Poker Stars vs Full Tilt poker.

However, this new rewards program represents much more than just the amalgamation of the two sites - Stars Rewards is a radical concept shift for online poker rewards.

Typically, online poker sites reward players based on volume.

That is, the more rake (and tournament fees) you pay, the higher your rakeback rewards.

This was certainly the case with the Poker Stars Supernova program, where players paying in excess of $180,000/year in rake and fees were earning as much as 69% rakeback with Poker Stars!

In this article, we will explain the new Poker Stars Stars Rewards program and calculate the value of each chest, as well as the overall rakeback rewards you can expect to receive.

We will also compare the new Stars Rewards program to the old Supernova VIP loyalty rewards, and show that although Stars Rewards are much worse for a select few, it is actually better for many.

Finally, we will discuss the thinking behind such a major paradigm shift in online poker rewards, and whether this is good for the game.

We will also raise the topic of the legality of discriminating against winning poker players.

Although most Poker Stars regulars hate the new Stars Rewards program, it's not nearly as bad as everyone seems to think.

In fact, for many players, Stars Rewards represents a significant upgrade in rewards!