starburst free

Below is the free pattern for this adorable Starburst Crochet Toddler Poncho!

If you have a toddler, had a toddler, been in the same room with a toddler, or even come so close as to see one on a You Tube video, you know that a toddler’s life phrase is “I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF! My tiny toddler wants to do everything just like her big brother who has barely escaped toddlerdom himself.

Since big brother can get dressed and put his coat on by himself, she wants to as well.

Unfortunately, sleeves are a little tricky when you are 2 years old and don’t have full control over all moving parts of your body.

Since it is warming up here in the frozen north, a toddler poncho (the glory of the poncho being that it is sleeveless) seemed in order for spring and for success getting the tiny tot out the door.

She can easily slip this over her head and we can mercifully avoid the “I wanna do it myself, I can’t do it, help me now, no I do it myself” meltdowns. This pattern uses the Starburst stitch also known as the Catherine Wheel stitch and is based on my favorite scarf pattern by People Webs.

(Check it out -you will not regret it.) Hopeful Honey has a similar chunky infinity scarf pattern and an awesome tutorial on the Catherine Wheel Stitch.

(Please note: This pattern does not require doing a foundation row of single crochets like shown in the video) Now that my little gal pal is no longer a toddler, I’ve been wanting to make her a larger poncho and provide additional sizes.

Come to find out, this pattern works great in the toddler size range but not so much in the larger sizes.

As you move to the larger sizes, the neck hole becomes too large especially for a kiddo who is on the petite size anyway like my daughter.

I still made her the larger poncho sized for a 4 year and added some rows of single crochets and double crochets to the neck hole.

I will add the starting chain numbers for the 4-year-old size in parenthesis within the pattern.