star casino cash games

Prepare to have your mind blown and your bankroll boosted in Star Cash, a trippy slot from Game Art that will take you at warp speed to the outer reaches of the galaxy and back in time for breakfast.

Fans of sci-fi, Star Trek in particular, will be enamoured with this space-themed slot whose typography should look very familiar.

Space is infinite and so is Star Cash, a slot that goes on forever and ever.

While most video slots let the animations take place on the reels, appending a backdrop almost as an afterthought, in this instance the reverse is true.

With a travelling-through-space backdrop so convincing you could almost dive right into it, the sensation can be quite disorienting.

With stars zooming past at light speed, there’s a lot to take in as you get to grips with this busy 5-reel slot.

Entrancing as the background is, don’t stare too long or hard – there’s business to take care of.

Star Cash is a 10 payline slot with a line bet that can be set between 0.01 and 0.5, making for a maximum stake of 5 per spin.

Autoplay can be capped at 500 spins and there’s the option to disable the audio and also the gamble feature too if you’re not a fan.

With no visible reels to clutter things up, it’s left to the symbols to hang invisibly in space, including dollar and pound signs that glimmer invitingly.

You would expect the animated space backdrop to stop moving once you spin the reels, but no – this thing just keeps on going.

It’s more than a tad overwhelming, even if the effect impresses initially.