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A number of people overlook the importance of connectivity ports on the laptops while they are out to get a laptop for themselves.

The reason is quite obvious; they just don’t understand how necessary these interfaces/ports are.

And when they are done with the process of buying the laptop, the lack of relevant ports haunt them like ghosts.

In this article our aim is to give away some valuable information to the readers that will help them fathom the importance and relevance of the different ports that are found on the laptop bodies.

Expansion ports are different types of connection ports on a laptop that allow various kinds of external devices to be connected to the machine.

There are numerous types of connectivity ports from the most basic USB till the latest Express card slot.

So, let’s begin to explore all of them without further ado.

USB Port : Among all the connectivity ports the USB port is the most widely used interface.

The USB lets you connect several types of devices to your laptop such as external hard drives, pen drives, cameras, keyboard, mice etc.

It also helps in charging mobile phones and such small devices as it supplies small amount of power the connected devices.

When the standard USB version 2.0 offers a transfer speed of 480 Mbps, the latest version 3.0 offers higher speed of 5Gbps.

Express Card Slot: Express Card slot is the largest Expansion slot on the body of your laptop.