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Wait until it is your turn to verbally tell the dealer "Splitting" or "I want to split these". If you split Aces, most casinos will only deal you one more card for each hand and not let you hit, split, or double down no matter what cards you are dealt. Some online casinos do not let you split or double down after you have already split. To simplify this, here are some general guidelines to follow: 1. Never Split 5's and 10's (10's include face cards) 3.

The dealer will ask you to place an identical bet next to your original bet, and he will physically separate the cards from each other to form two hands for you. When I split my cards, I am hoping for a double down chance. Always Split 2's and 3's when the dealer shows 4, 5, 6, or 7 4.

He will also separate the original bet and the split bet and put them next to each hand. Always Split 6's when the dealer shows 3, 4, 5, or 6 5.

You do not have to split your hands every time they match, nor should you.

Like doubling down, splitting in blackjack is often misunderstood and misused.

Always Split 7's when the dealer shows 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 6. Do you want to clear a table of good Online Blackjack players in a hurry? It is probably considered the most foolish move in the casino and good players will run from a table when somebody does it.

Always Split 9's when the dealer shows 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 (NOT 7) If you can double after you split, then you can add the following: 1. In fact, you can be darned sure of winning approximately 83% of the time. Many of our experienced blackjack card players that love advanced cards strategies can find more info here at and will also enjoy playing baccarat, like in blackjack you need good strategy in order to improve your chances, as can read more here onlinecasinos.ca/baccarat the best guide for baccarat.

Split 2's and 3's if the dealer is showing a 2 or 3 2. Split 6's if the dealer is showing a 2 Last but not least among pairs, and the pros and cons of splitting them, are the 10s. All casinos in Las Vegas allow splitting after a split. Those casinos offer doubling after a split, which interestingly is not allowed in most Las Vegas casinos at this time.

I have one thought to pass along to you: Never, never split 10s under any circumstances! This isn’t open to discussion, either by card counters or mind readers. Suppose you were in Atlantic City and dealt a 4 against the dealer’s up card of 6.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Blackjack at a table or online blackjack for real money. I’ve heard that certain Online Blackjack books say there are times when you should split 10s. By sliding another chip on the board, you can split the 4s.

If the dealer gives you a 6 on that first 4, you put another chip in action and double that 10 against the dealer’s 6.

You’re getting maximum chips at risk when the dealer is bobbing and weaving, which is a key move when you play blackjack. Let’s say you called for a double down bet, but the dealer gave you another four.