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As a pickleball player, you’re bound to ask this question sometime.

With so many paddles to choose from, how do you decide which one will let you play in the precise, hard and fast style?

Don’t worry, check this list of best pickleball paddles for spin and pick the right one.

Every pickleball player goes through the spinning phase.

The holes on the pickleball can slow the game down, which makes pickleball such a crowd-pleaser and highly family-friendly. A spin is exactly what it seems: you use a paddle to spin the ball instead of playing a straight serve or shot. It could land anywhere on your opponent’s court and increase their chances of a miss-hit or a miss altogether.

You won’t find a lot of advanced players trying to win a point by spinning on a serve.

Their aim may be to serve – even a gentle and high serve will do – to place the ball as close to the baseline as possible.

The opponent will have a harder time returning such a serve quickly on the diagonal.

But even experts sometimes use an underhand serve with a spin and great speed.

In this type of serve, the paddle must be moving upward at the time of contact with the ball, and the top of the paddle should be below the wrist.

As you can see, there can be many variations of this serve, and spinning on the underhand is a great way to send a killer serve your opponent’s way.

Ideally, the ball should hit the opponent’s side of the court just behind the kitchen line.