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It’s well-known that Russia is definitely not the most gambling-friendly country in the world and is not even in the top-10 list when it comes to gambling liberalization.

Both offline and online gambling in Russia are either on the gray or on the black part of the law and finding the legal online casino Russia is a tough call.

We’ve gone through this too and as a result we created this Top List to the Russian online casino world with all the necessary information about the country’s gambling laws, there is the way to find the best online casino Russia without getting fines instead of the winnings.

So if you were looking for the sign to play in the online casino Russia for real money, here it is.

It’s not like you need to learn all the Russian online gambling laws to make your bets in the best online gambling sites in Russia and win the money, but knowing them will help you avoid any problems while playing, especially as the online gambling Russia legislation is changing quite often and can confuse the inexperienced player.

For those who don’t know Russian or just don’t want to spend time reading the online gambling laws in Russia, we’ve answered the main questions frequently asked by the players.

Read this passage to make yourself safe from any legal issues and only take part in the safe online gambling in Russia.

The laws are different when it comes to the Russian online casinos and their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

As for the land-based casinos, there are allowed in the specially designated areas only.

These are the Yantarnaya in the Kaliningrad region, the Primorie in the same-named region, the Siberian Coin in Altay area, and the Azov-city in the Krasnodar region.

The casinos in any other places are considered to be illegal but it doesn’t prevent them from appearing all over the country.

The illegal casinos disguise themselves as the internet-clubs, the bookmakers’ offices or the lotteries and are often covered by the police.