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Hitting that huge slots jackpot, hearing the bells and sirens go off, and watching as a hundred whooping fellow customers head your way.

It’s a lot easier recording big wins in casinos these days, what with the prevalence of smartphones, and many of the big progressive winners have recorded their jackpots for posterity (and social media). ”Alexander Degenhardt won a huge jackopot (Image: theblaze.com)Big progressive jackpots always get taken down; not as many get caught on cell phone.

Here are five of the biggest wins caught on celluloid (well, HD card) over the past few years.“No way! However, in 2012 a US marine called Alexander Degenhardt won almost $3 million playing Bally’s Money Vault slot in a Las Vegas casino.

As the typically cynical You Tube commentators said: “If you have too much money the marines discharge you because you can be a liability with that much money.” Ok…..

Watch the marine become America’s most eligible bachelor: Q.

What’s more surreal than winning a life-changing amount of cash on a Las Vegas progressive jackpot? Winning a life-changing amount of cash and having it caught on camera by a Boogie Nights extra.

For the uninitiated, 10X10X10X is a linked progressive slot with three reels.

On this occasion (December 2014), the lucky winner was a Bellagio regular taking down a prize worth $433,000.

The win was caught for posterity by someone calling himself Mr.

Jackpot LV who seems to have made his name filming jackpot winners across Vegas.

Watch the mystery moustachio’d marauder do his thing: One of the unwritten rules of casino etiquette is that you keep your outbursts to a minimum.

But somebody forgot to tell this Las Vegas winner that little secret rule after he hit a jackpot on the Money Talks video slot.