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Penny slots are a bizarre pastime for slot players, and not for the reasons you may think.

The only difference between penny slots and regular slots is the penny part, since penny slots allow you to bet the smallest currency denomination possible.

Especially popular in US casinos, the best penny Slot machines usually lure the most frugal of casino gamblers.

While you do have the opportunity to bet as little as one cent on these games, usually players end up playing for more than just a penny. Since the best practices for Slots, in terms of boosting your own odds at least, involve betting on all possible paylines, most players end up paying a lot more than a cent per spin.

Therein lies the question: what is the point of playing for cheap jackpots if the cost per spin isn’t that low?

Depending on the type of video Slot player you are you’re probably wondering: why even bother playing penny Slots online for (literally) ‘pennies’ when you can play for six figure progressive jackpots?

And wait until you hear this: What attract most penny Slot players is the idea that the lower stakes allow you play for a longer amount of time, and that the longer you play they higher the chances of hitting the jackpot.

Unfortunately this way of thinking is completely flawed.

Here’s why: Random number generators don’t go through a predetermined list of combinations, but come of with them from scratch over and over again.

In fact, the longer you play, the less likely you are to walk away with more than you came with.

This is because of the way RNGs apply house edge, which we’ll explain next.

A Slot machine's payout percentage, otherwise known as the return to player rate (RTP), is actually lower on penny Slot machines compared to standard Slots.