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Late night anime is targeted toward Otaku from teens to adult audiences.

One of the purposes of the late night broadcast is to promote DVDs or associated merchandise that are planned for release in the future.

Other than original stories, many anime are based on manga, novels, or video games.

The genres that tend to be preferred by anime fans include romantic comedy, slice of life story, action, or sci-fi, but there are exceptions.

Most series are broadcast for 3 months or 6 months with 12 to 13 episodes for each block of 3 months.

With the exception of NTV programs, few titles have longer than these broadcast times.

In most cases, a production committee (a group of several related companies) buys a time slot from a TV station.

This process is known as brokered programming, and is similar to how infomercials are broadcast.

Therefore, unlike ordinary programs, production companies are sponsoring companies as well.

This way, TV stations can fill the time slots with low viewership, while production companies can advertise their products (anime DVDs) at a lower cost.

Since a production’s purpose is to promote the title to fans, low ratings or a lack of sponsors is of little concern.

Consequently, the number of late night anime is increasing.