слот игра резидент

: Aright this is a US save contains two saves on slot 4 it before the boss battle and slot 5 has true ending boss battle do not equip infinite ammo weapons because you will not get s rank if you have any questions message me.

Leon’s desk is locked with two combination locks, and you’ll have to solve a small puzzle to get inside of it.

While it’s not necessary to solve this puzzle to finish the game, the item inside of the desk will help you tremendously on your journey through remake, you have to open two combination locks.

Each lock has a three letter combo you must enter to get inside Leon’s desk.

The key to figuring out the codes for the locks is not to overthink it.

Everything you need to solve this puzzle is within a few steps from Leon’s desk.

The clue to solving this puzzle is right on Leon’s desk in the file:“Rookie’s First Assignment Leon S. You need to find the first names of each of the six officers whose desks are adjacent to Leon’s.

Kennedy, we’re putting you on a very special case for your first assignment. The key to your success is in the initials of our first names. Luckily, they all have nameplates on or around their desks to help you out.

Below, we’re breaking down the objectives and steps you need to take to conquer the game, listing each step in bullet points to make your journey easier.

You’ll find key item locations and puzzle solutions — we won’t discuss healing items or ammo, but we will explain where to get items you absolutely need. The start of our walkthrough covers the entire Police Station section leading up to the very first boss battle.

This is all about finding three hidden medallions — the medallions are located inside statues.

Input the correct code, and you’ll get the medallion.