слот ацтека

Secret Jewels of Azteca casino slot machine game comes from another culture and from another epoch so it looks totally unlike other Pari Play free slot games we got accustomed to see and to play. The traditional grid in this free video slot is a half-circle.

The 4 lines of small stones running within it remind a ball bearing.

Check it out yourself and get convinced how fascinating this is.

Secret Jewels of Azteca free slot machine game is really unique and it is also featured with bonus rounds, free spins and wilds.

Here a wild takes the color of the major stones in a line in order to make it complete and win.

If you are happy to get 4 wilds in a line, congratulations, you have won a 250,000 jackpot!

Free spin stone is a second chance for you to hit a combination by one more bonus free spin.4 bonus symbols are your pass into the crypt of fortune.

That is a bonus round that is going to bring you some solid extra winnings. Play Secret Jewels of Azteca here at Slots Up and tell your friends about it!

Another cool thing about Secret Jewels of Azteca casino slot is the super multiplier mode which gets activated by 4 moon symbols. The info button leads to the paytable and the description of the features you are going to use.

The only common thing about this online game is the need to select the line bet amount.

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