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Spin results, prizes, win/lose, number of spins, custom data and more can be controlled using JSON data.

You can set the winning probabilty for each segment and customise the look and feel of Spin2Win Wheel to bring it in line with your brand or color scheme - it even has an anti-cheat mechanism to prevent players placing the wheel on a chosen segment. This is a useful feature if you wish to style the wheel with your brand palette. If this is set to false but you have passed in your own button reference then this will ignored and assumed to be true.

For example, if your brand has red, yellow and orange then just include those colors and Spin2Win Wheel will alternate them no matter how many segments there are. You must set this to true if you want to use probabilty There are several ways to use Spin2Win Wheel regarding outcome control.

The list below explains a bit more about order of importance AND probability is not used then the number of spins is 4.

For the segment label you have the flexibility to use text or image (SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF you can even use an animated GIF).

Its size is determined by is, say, 54, the image will be scaled maintaining its aspect ratio to a width of 54px; The default values in the JSON mean the wheel is already at an optimum size to fit most devices and screen sizes.

If you do need to change them, you will need to experiment with the various size settings for the images, wheel and text.

The size and color of the text on a wheel segment is set in the JSON but can be overridden in the CSS (class is popup and p tag) can be styled in the CSS directly (font family, size, color etc).

I purposely separated these from the wheel data because they are HTML elements and the wheel elements are pure SVG.

V1.2.0 2018-10-27 - Now disables display and tracking when a Spin ability is not slotted.

- Fixed an issue where the display would incorrectly show while dead after showing/hiding a menu. v1.1.0 2018-10-06 - Added lifetime character and entire account statistics.

Your character's winning stats will remain between reloads!