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The UK Garage scene was an molten hotbed of activity, with a staggering amount of killer anthems cut to wax.

To anyone alive and of age to be raving in that period: consider yourselves blessed.

To anyone not, there’s endless fun to be had digging into the rich depths of raucous heaters released in that time. In April last year we called UKG as the best genre ever, and then in December Manchester duo Swing Ting got nicher (pun intended) and labelled speed garage as the greatest in a headline.

There’s no denying the style fuelled by bassline-infused rowdiness has thrown up some of the biggest bangers in the UKG sphere.

We dug into the fertile ‘97-’98 period and found the 15 best.

The comments on this You Tube upload features two excellent uses of the rudest word in the English language.

One commenter admonishing themselves for a mistake which lost them a copy of this record: “bought this on Discogs...£22 LOL....realised I provided a previous address... Do not be a cunt.” The other is a commenter expressing delight at sourcing the ID of the tune after a lengthy search: “finally this cunt was found”.

I feel their pain and their joy - can’t imagine anyone not wanting a piece of this anthem.

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The entrance to the garage is located at the end of Corry Boulevard, near Nippert Stadium. Event Parking: $8 – takes place for all events where more than 200 patrons are expected. When events are scheduled, all visitors pay the event rate as they enter the garage whether or not they are attending the event.

Exit gates will be open at the conclusion of the event.

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