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After the terror that happened in the forest of Raccoon City, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine has taken down umbrella and their evil works, but as the story continues on, they're not prepared for what's coming next, Claire Redfield comes to Raccoon City to find his brother and Leon Kennedy starts his new job as a Rookie in the Raccoon Police Department, but sheer terror awaits for the two.

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I’ve done multiple disc games before with no problem, but this game has multiple track bins under one cue, for each cd.

Openemu reads each cd when I drop them in without the m3u file uploaded as separate cds; and I’ve searched for other packages without the two tracks but these seem to be the most legit working ones.

I tried to boil down the lines but I can’t seem to get them to work. I know you can also play cd2 (Claire) first or cd1 (Leon); it makes no difference which order you start from since they are just character cds, and not linear such as final fantasy.

Would I need to make two separate m3us also to play cd2 first then cd1 if I wanted to play Claire’s story first? Not sure if theres another way, but that's what worked for me.

I’ve looked this up on previous posts with no clear resolution. Had this problem a while back, and this is how i solved it. Well I got Leon’s side to work, but don’t know how to boot or make a separate disc image for claire instead; or how to boot load her cd (I have 4 cds for a two cd game; figuring each track could be mission a-b) respectively You really don't have to care about multiple

Sometimes you even have multiple separate audio files too.. ;) In this case, the second bin is your music/audio file.. you just have to make a .m3u, like aztechfilm said: https://imgur.com/la E4Wxr - and drag it into OE.

Doesn't matter if it 'seems' separated. Maybe you should also delete your older RE2 imports beforehand though..