скачать бесплатно dead or alive

The final word in fighting entertainment - DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round!

This is a free version which allows use of most game modes, including online play.

However, only a limited number of playable characters are available, and Story Mode is locked.

Other characters and Story Mode are available as separate downloadable content purchases.

Its a good fighter, great visuals especially the female characters "wink" , but do you really need 500 pieces of DLC, i like having everything available for a game but im not going to pay upward of $1000 and im not even exaggerating which is bad Great game, graphics are amazing, decently easy fighting game, but..

I never remember you having to pay $500 on DLC ALONE, packs and DLC are getting annoying, why can't we buy the game and not have to spend so much money on things like a bikini costume.

With $500 I could literally buy the clothes they're wearing.

DOA5 LR is a good game, but when you can get it on Amazon for $20 new, why spend $10 for story mode, $30 for characters or $40 for the core game? The bright colors, the ridiculous CGI Cutscenes, the easy pickup and play functionality.

This going on 3 year old game needs to drop in price. Although I enjoy the technicallity of games like Virtua Fighter, the biggest draw for the DOA games is their simplicity.

No matter who you are or how many hours you spent with the game, you feel like you had a chance to win.

Well with that said DOA 5 throws all of that out of the window.

The bright anime graphics now have a layer of grime as if they came out of a the 90's grunge scene. If DOA had an illigimate child with Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat it would look exactly like this game.